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Hello there, welcome!

Are you looking for a skilled and versatile massage therapist in Nieuwegein or the Utrecht area? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

My massage practice is conveniently located in Sportschool SportCity (the former Fit For Free) in Nieuwegein, on the 2nd floor.

Did you know that pain often originates from a different source than where you feel it? That’s why it’s essential to combine your knowledge of your body with my expertise in the muscular and musculoskeletal system to determine the best treatment plan for you.

My mission is to help you relieve your pain and bring you back to a state of relaxation and well-being.

You might have some questions about:

– The difference between targeted and energetic massages.
– When to choose each type and what you can achieve with them.
– The insights you can gain and how often you should schedule treatments.

Targeted massages and energetic massages serve different purposes and require different approaches.

Targeted massages focus on relieving specific physical complaints, such as back, neck, shoulder, or limb pain. Using various massage techniques, I target the muscles and connective tissues involved in the complaint, promoting muscle relaxation and improving blood circulation. This can help reduce pain and enhance recovery.

Energetic massages, on the other hand, aim to restore the balance between body and mind by promoting energy flow and removing blockages. By massaging specific points on the body, manipulating energy pathways (meridians), and incorporating breathing exercises, I strive to bring harmony to your body and mind, contributing to a sense of well-being and relaxation.

Choosing the right massage form depends on your desired outcomes. If you have specific physical complaints like muscle soreness or stiffness, targeted massage may be suitable. However, if you seek relaxation and the restoration of body-mind balance, an energetic massage might be more fitting.

The insights you can gain from each massage form and the number of treatments required vary depending on your specific complaints and desired results. I always work closely with my clients to develop a personalized treatment plan to ensure optimal outcomes.

“So quickly making a difference for someone is what drives me; it excites me. To achieve this, I use a diverse range of techniques and my broad knowledge. My touch varies, listening and adapting to each person on my table, under my hands, fists, knuckles, arms, or between my fingers.

I treat my clients lying down, sitting, or standing; wherever I can access and where they can indicate the source of the discomfort, radiation, or areas of connection or disconnection.

Some techniques are intense and go deep, while others are light or energetic. The alignment between the person on my table and how I can support them is of essential importance to me.”

Maurice de Gruijter

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Maurice de Gruijter
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